Requesting GSMP data

The Goose & Swan Monitoring Programme (GSMP) is an integrated monitoring scheme operated by WWT in partnership with the Joint Nature Conservation Committee and Scottish Natural Heritage. Within the framework of the GSMP are a number of surveys undertaken in partnership with and/or organised by other organisations. The GSMP partners are committed to making GSMP data available to all audiences so that conservation, management and development decisions are based on the highest quality data possible. Please firstly check our published newsletters and reports and species accounts: these resources may include sufficient information and data for your requirements. Once you have done this, should you still require data please read the additional information below.

  • Types of GSMP data available

    Detailed information about GSMP surveys can be found on the relevant pages under abundance, breeding success and feeding distributions. Data from the following GSMP surveys are currently available. Data for other surveys will be available in due course. In the meantime, please contact us if you have a specific enquiry about the availability of data for a survey not listed below.

    Also note that additional waterbird count data for the UK are available from the Wetland Bird Survey (see Sources of goose and swan data section below).

    IGC_formIcelandic-breeding Goose Census (IGC)

    The IGC is an annual survey undertaken to assess the population size of the Greenland/Iceland Pink-footed Goose and the Iceland Greylag Goose. Data are predominantly collected in the UK, but there are some data from other countries within these flyways – Iceland, Republic of Ireland, The Faroes, and Norway (mostly for Greylag Goose).

    • Availability: Count data from 1990 are available for the UK. Data  from other countries may be available from WWT – please contact us. Most counts are dawn/dusk roost counts conducted at wetlands, though some counts are conducted during the daytime in feeding areas.
    • Reports: Read IGC reports
    • Output: Download an example of IGC data

    FeedingDistFeeding Distributions

    The feeding distribution data are to provide an indication of areas of highest likely bird sensitivity and thus help guide decision-makers in the early stages of the planning process of projects such as industrial developments in the landscape (e.g. wind turbines). Data covers Scotland and are only those collated in analysis by Mitchell (2012).

    • Availability: Feeding distribution data assesses data from the 1986/87 to 2011/12 seasons.
    • Reports: Read Feeding Distribution reports
    • Output: Download an example of Feeding Distribution data (Mitchell 2012)

  • Terms & Conditions

    Please read these carefully before completing the Data Request Form.

    Your request to access Goose & Swan Monitoring Programme (GSMP) data will be considered by WWT and other relevant partners. The release of data will normally be agreed unless one or more of the following situations occurs:

    A. WWT, or other relevant partners, are actively working in the same area or are seeking funds to do so. In cases where collaborative studies are appropriate, these will be encouraged;

    B. in the case of requests for sensitive datasets, their release is deemed contrary to the conservation interests of WWT or its partners;

    C. the data have been submitted to WWT in confidence and the contract does not permit their release;

    D. WWT data were collected under contract and the contractor does not agree to their release;

    E. a significant proportion of the data have been collected by one researcher or team who intend to conduct similar analyses themselves;

    F. in the case of research projects, the data have already been released to another party to conduct similar research. Both parties will be informed of their interest and data will not normally be released to the second applicant without agreement by the first; or

    G. the applicant cannot agree to these Terms & Conditions, has not adhered to these Terms & Conditions on a previous occasion or is not prepared to pay any appropriate charges to access the data.

    WWT encourages the use of GSMP data. However, the release of GSMP data is at the discretion of WWT and other relevant partners who have the right to refuse access to data without obligation to disclose the reasons for doing so. Supply of GSMP data confers no rights of ownership to the receiver. WWT will treat the data request in confidence.

    Conditions of use
        1.  Data are for use only by the specified party/parties on whose behalf the Data Request Form is submitted. They are responsible for ensuring that those using GSMP data abide by the conditions given here.
        2.  Data are not passed to a third party.
        3.  Data are supplied only for the uses or specific analyses stated on the Data Request Form. A further form must be completed for any uses additional to those originally described.
        4.  The GSMP will be acknowledged in all uses of GSMP data, in publications, reports, papers etc., as follows:“Data were supplied by the Goose & Swan Monitoring Programme (GSMP), an integrated monitoring scheme of the Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust (WWT) that receives support from the Joint Nature Conservation Committee (on behalf of the Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside,  Natural England and Natural Resources Wales) and Scottish Natural Heritage”. An additional acknowledgement will be supplied, and must be used, where data ownership is shared with other organisations or individuals.
        5.  GSMP data are not to be given verbatim in any presentation, publication, report etc. without prior written permission from WWT.
        6.  An electronic copy of any report or publication may be requested and hence be supplied, free of charge, to the GSMP partners. In the case of confidential reports, only relevant sections using GSMP data will be required. This requirement may be waived under certain conditions, e.g. student dissertations, at the discretion of the GSMP partners.
        7.  Permission to use GSMP data expires 12 months after approval. All copies of the data, including those held by the recipient on database, should be destroyed at this time.

    Failure by the requester to abide by the conditions above may jeopardise the release of data in future requests. GSMP partners may impose further conditions of use of GSMP data or substitutions for them where specific exemptions are agreed.  In such cases, applicants will be notified before data are released.

    Whilst every effort is made to ensure data held by the GSMP partners are correct, GSMP partners cannot accept responsibility for any errors in data provided. GSMP partners will always seek to provide the most recent data available. GSMP partners cannot be held responsible for any misuse or misinterpretation of GSMP data.

  • Charges

    Charging categories

    The decision whether a request is liable to charges is determined by the category of request. The category is determined by how the GSMP data will be used, irrespective of the requester, user or the type of their organisation. Please provide as much information as possible on the uses of the data and any end-products.

        • Commercial Studies & Funded Research. Where the data are to be used for commercial purposes, for example in a consultancy or planning/development report, or as a part of a funded academic study. Charged at the standard rate.
        • Conservation Advisory. Where the data are to be used for conservation advisory work by GSMP partners, including associated Country and Statutory Agencies (Joint Nature Conservation CommitteeNatural Resources Wales, Natural England, Council for Nature Conservation and the Countryside and Scottish Natural Heritage) and conservation NGOs. If this is the case, the contact details of the relevant organisation must be provided. Exempt from any charges. 
        • Personal Studies, Education or Unfunded Research. Where the data are to be used as a part of an unfunded study. Exempt from any charges unless the request requires more than two hours to service. If over two hours charges may be levied at standard rates to cover the cost of the additional time taken to extract and process the data.  

    Requests that seek to access large datasets for substantive research should contact us regarding potential collaboration and approaches to analyses and outputs.

    Data Licences

    If you require large amounts of data, including data that may need updating annually, you may wish to consider entering into a licensing arrangement. This arrangement will run for a minimum number of years, allowing the cost of data provision to be reduced. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to arrange precise details, including special conditions of data use.

    Additional Charges

    Additional charges may be added for any or all of the following situations:

    • Guaranteed earlier supply of data:
      • within 10 working days: 50% increase in any charges.
      • within five working days: 100% increase in any charges.
    • Data manipulation, re-formatting or other preparation – charged at standard WWT hourly rates
  • Data supply formats

    Data are supplied by email in a comma separated value (.csv) text format.

How to request GSMP data

If a data request is still required after you have consulted published newsletters and reports then please complete the Data Request Form. We will use the information provided on the Data Request Form to determine whether we hold data that are relevant to your request and, if we do, whether we are able to release the data. If we are not the owner of the data we will refer the request to the owner for approval.

On submission of a completed data request we will provide:

      • an acknowledgement of receipt of your Data Request Form
      • clarification of the data available
      • the timescale for supply (see below)
      • a no obligation quote if a charge is applicable

Data will normally be provided within 15 working days of receiving a completed Data Request Form.  Earlier guaranteed data provision will incur Additional Charges as described above in the section on Charges.

Once you have agreed to the Terms & Conditions, timescale and any fees, then we will process the request. Notes aiding interpretation will be supplied with GSMP data. If the data request incurs a charge, an invoice will be sent along with the data.

Contact us

You can contact us about requesting data by: